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Artesana Ice Cream

79 S. Main St.
Marion, NC 28752

Artesana Ice Cream is locally sourced with a delicious and unique twist on a tasty treat. Our creamy blend is made from all natural ingredients like locally sourced milk, honey and fresh fruit. With a taste like homemade ice cream, our recipe was handed down through generations and is inspired from our Mexican and Italian roots.

The recipe began with Artesana founder Agustin Precoma’s grandfather, Agustin Alvarez, who was a doctor by profession and a cook by passion. He believed that quality was important in everything he did, and as a Doctor, he also knew that everything you ate either helped or hurt your body. He wanted to create a desert that was healthy for his family, but more importantly, good for their spirit and a way for them to feel loved. So he created Grandfather Agustin’s Ice Cream recipe that is so delicious it brings a smile to your face!

Grandfather Alvarez eventually passed down his recipe to his daughter, Ana. She developed new flavors and fruit combinations with the original recipe and began selling it on a bicycle in Texcoco, Mexico. Her business started growing rapidly, and the family ice cream business had begun, for generations to come! Now, Ana’s son Agustin, and his wife Sandra, have continued the business and brought the family recipe from Mexico to Marion, North Carolina. With grandfather’s recipe and love, and Ana’s family business and new flavors, Artesana Ice Cream is born!